Integrating data, mixing analysis

A key aspect of this project is to integrate information about MOP writers’ characteristics with their writings, thus enabing a mixed analysis of a mixed dataset.

The analysis of MOP writers’ characteristics and their writings are occurring in parallel. The third element of the design is to integrate this work. This will result in the creation of mixed datasets, thus enabling mixed analysis. The compiled metadata on MOP writers’ demographics will be linked to those who responded to the Social Divisions and Your Lifelines Directives through importation into the Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS) package MAXQDA, in which the writings are being analysed. This will enable a mixed analysis of the mixed data set (Bazeley 2011; Kuckartz 2012). Mixed methods interrogations exploring the associations between socio-demographic characteristics and qualitative concepts will be conducted.

Attitudinal coding will be transformed into categorical variables for more in-depth, mixed analysis of the relationship between the opinions expressed within the narratives and other quantitative and qualitative aspects under consideration. Visualisations including the various dual quantitative/qualitative joint displays & development of graphic models will be used to focus analysis & present findings for dissemination.

Our use of MAXQDA to undertake this analysis will be documented and the mixed methods features it provides reviewed.


Bazeley P (2011) Integrative Analysis Strategies for Mixed Data Sources. American Behavioral Scientist, 56(6), 814–828.

Kuckartz U (2012) Realizing Mixed Methods Approaches with MAXQDA. Unpublished. Marburg:Philipps University, Departement of Education.


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